Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Tipsy Trip with Tip!

    Here is a project I have been working on for A Beka Book, a publishing company located on the white sand beaches of Pensacola, FL. The editors for this little K4 reader wanted to update the artwork and style of Tip(the star puppy of the book). I posted the above pictures so you could see the before and after images. (Aren't those fun?!) These are the original illustrations for the book. I really hope you like the after images BEST! :D
All the Tip artwork belongs to A Beka Book.

"Meet Tip." - text from the book.

I modeled the new Tip after my dad's dachshund, Reggie. With some coaching, Reggie became the perfect little model for this project.

All artwork belongs to A Beka Book.

"Tip is a pup."

"Sit up, Tip."

"Tip got a dog tag."

"Tip dug in the mud."

"Tip gets a bath."

Below, you can see another version I made of Tip, this one keeps the painterly look as well as holding closely to the original design.

 I hope you enjoyed this little trip with Tip! ;)

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