Friday, November 19, 2010

Scented Blessings

So, It's about 2am and I'm up. It's for a really good cause though! ... deadlines. :)

To bring some warm and fuzzies into this late night hour I will share with you a cozey tid bit. When I was little my grandma would come into our rooms after we were all tucked comfortably in bed and spritz us kiddos with a delicious smelling body spray. I remember laying there anticipating the feeling of the cool mist drifting softly onto my face and arms. That always made me so happy! In that light, I honestly believe aromatherapy is a real mood booster. Tonight, in honor of my grandma, I used a delightful cherry blossom scent to lift my mood and give me happy thoughts during this late night drawing shift.  Thankfully, this project is not due tomorrow. :) I hope to share some pictures for this book soon! It's a delightful little story about a white country cat who takes a trip to New York City. It's quite cute!

Well, It's probably a lot more interesting to read a blog post that has a picture to go along with it, so let me search out a sneak peek of the adorable cat, Tootie. :)

 A beginning sketch for Tootie.

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